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Event:          GenomeHeart Symposium
Date:            October 17-18, 2011
Venue:          Hyatt Regency Hotel; Toronto, Ontario

Synopsis:    The symposium will focus on human genomics and computational biology to frame the investigation of the environmental and genetic contribution to human CHD.  There will also be a cardiac stem cell focus that will draw on somatic reprogramming and cardiac differentiation as platforms for chemical and pharmacological screens to enable new targets for drug discovery. 

Event:          Human Induced Pluripotent stem (iPS) cell training course
Date:            June 1-5, 2009
Venue:         Toronto

Organizers:  James Ellis, Scientific Co-Director, Ontario Human iPS Cell Facility Senior Scientist, Program
                     in Developmental and Stem Cell Biology, Hospital for Sick Children, MaRS Centre.

Synopsis: This is a training course on iPS cells for graduate students and post doctoral fellows.  iPS cells are generated by "reprogramming" skin cells into stem cells that can produce any cell type of the body.  iPS cells derived from patients can be used to study human disease and have potential for rejection-free transplantation.  The course will offer seminars and hands-on training in cutting-edge reprogramming technology and human iPS cell analysis.

Event:         HeartRepair Annual Conference
Date:            April 5-8 2009
Venue:         Berlin at Harnack House

Network Participants:  Antoon Moorman, Barbara Mulder,

Synopsis: HeartRepair, a pan-European research consortium established in 2006 as a 6th Framework Programme Integrated Project of the European Commission, will be sponsoring a course on the anatomy and physiology of congenital malformations including molecular mechanisms.
                       Click HERE to see website and the conference program

Event:        American Heart Association (AHA)International Congress on Genetics and Genomics
Date:          November 14-18, 2009
Venue:       Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida

Network Participants: Seema Mital - Co-Chair, Program Subcommittee 2009 International Congress on Genetics and Genomics of Cardiovascular Disease, James Ellis, Peter Gruber, Aeilko Zwinderman, Barbara Mulder, Damien Bonnet

Synopsis: Since the human genome sequence was decoded, the speed of discovery has revolutionized the way we practice medicine- the International Congress will address the latest advances in cardiovascular genetics and genomics.  

Click here to see website and the conference program

Event:          2nd Annual Transatlantic GCCM Planning Meeting
Date:            November 19, 2009
Venue:         Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida

Synopsis: The Network’s second annual planning meeting will provide updates on project specific objectives, timelines and outcomes and offer opportunities for network members to meet and further solidify research aims and foster collaborative relationships.

Event:           Clinically applied course on cardiac development and morphology
Date:            January 11-13, 2010
Venue:          Meibergdreef, Amsterdam

Network Co-Organizers: Antoon Moorman, Seema Mital

Synopsis:    The purpose of this course was to give an overview of the current state of the art to those who are clinically and/or scientifically involved in normal and abnormal heart development, including paediatricians, paediatric cardiologists, registrars, fellows, PhD students and post docs. The program of this three-day course, co-organized by Network members Mital and Moorman, included various lectures on developmental and clinical aspects of cardiac morphology and malformations and stem cell regulation, given by internationally renowned experts, as well as assisted practical hands-on sessions with anatomical specimens demonstrating normal hearts as well as the different aspects of congenital cardiac malformations.  Seema Mital presented on the topic of development, growth and regeneration of the heart titled “Fetal cardiac growth: can the hypoplastic ventricle grow?”  Tanya Daljevic, Heart Centre Biobank Coordinator, presented a talk on the Importance of Biobanking: practical aspects related to large scale genomic studies, sample collection and preservation, databases, coding systems and international collaboration.  An overview of the Heart Centre Biobank was discussed from its inception to the progress it’s made in terms of networks formed, recruitment, and research conducted.  The talk provided insight into points to consider in the development and use of a biorepository as well as raised awareness of the importance of biobanks and their presence as an invaluable resource to the research community.   

Conference Program


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