Seema Mital Publications

  1. Hsu DT, Zak V, Mahony L, Sleeper LA, Atz A, Levine JC, Barker PC, Ravishankar C, McCrindle BW, Williams RV, Altmann K, Ghanayem NS, Margossian R, Chung WK, Border WL, Pearson GD, Stylianou MP, Mital S. Enalapril in Infants with Single Ventricle: Results of a multicenter randomized trial. Circulation 2010 July 12 (Epub ahead of print)
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Bernard Keavney Publications

  1. Keavney B, Parish S, Palmer A, Clark S, Youngman L, Danesh J, McKenzie C, Delepine M, Lathrop M, Peto R, Collins R. Large-scale evidence that the cardiotoxicity of smoking is not significantly modified by the apolipoprotein E epsilon2/epsilon3/epsilon4 genotype. Lancet 2003;361:396-398.
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  3. Thompson A, Di Antonio, E, Sarwar N, Erqou S, Saleheen D, Dullaart RPF, Keavney B, Ye Z, Danesh J. Association of cholesteryl ester transfer protein genotypes with CETP mass and activity, lipid levels, and coronary risk. JAMA 2008;299:2777-2788.
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Damien Bonnet Publications

  1. Khoshnood B, plus co-authors, Bonnet D. Trends in prenatal diagnosis, pregnancy termination and perinatal mortality of newborns with congenital heart disease in France, 1983-2000: a population-based study. Pediatrics 2005; 115: 95-101.
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  5. Le Goff C, plus co-authors, Bonnet D. ADAMTSL2 mutations in geleophysic dysplasia demonstrate a role for ADAMTS-like proteins in TGF-beta bioavailability regulation. Nat Genet 2008.

Michael Brudno Publications

  1. Lee S, Hormozdiari F, Alkan C, Brudno M. MoDIL: detecting small indels from clone-end sequencing with mixtures of distributions Nature Methods 2009;6(7):473-4.
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  6. Ramunas J, Montgomery HJ, Kelly L, Sukkonik T, Ellis J, Jervis EJ. Real time fluorescence tracking of dynamic transgene variegation in stem cells. Mol Ther 2007;15:810-817. 

James Ellis Publications

  1. Ramunas J, H Montgomery, L Kelly, T Sukonnik, J Ellis and E Jervis. Real time fluorescence tracking of dynamic transgene variegation in stem cells. Mol Ther 2007; 15:810-817.
  2. Ellis J, A Hotta and M Rastegar. Retrovirus silencing by an epigenetic TRIM. Cell 2007;131:13
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Judith Goodship Publications

  1. Muncke N, Jung C, Rudiger H, Ulmer H, Roeth R, Hubert A, Goldmuntz E, Driscoll D, Goodship J, Schon K, Rappold G. Missense mutations and gene interruption in PROSIT240, a novel TRAP240-like gene, in patients with congenital heart defect (transposition of the great arteries). Circulation. 2003;108(23):2843-50.
  2. Mackay DJ, Callaway JL, Marks SM, White HE, Acerini CL, Boonen SE, Dayanikli P, Firth HV, Goodship JA, Haemers AP, Hahnemann JM, Kordonouri O, Masoud AF, Oestergaard E, Storr J, Ellard S, Hattersley AT, Robinson DO, Temple IK. Hypomethylation of multiple imprinted loci in individuals with transient neonatal diabetes is associated with mutations in ZFP57. Nat Genet. 2008;40(8):949-51. 
  3. Griffin HR, Hall DH, Topf A, Eden J, Stuart AG, Parsons J, Peart I, Deanfield JE, O'Sullivan J, Babu-Narayan SV, Gatzoulis MA, Bu'lock FA, Bhattacharya S, Bentham J, Farrall M, Riveron JG, Brook JD, Burn J, Cordell HJ, Goodship JA, Keavney B. Genetic variation in VEGF does not contribute significantly to the risk of congenital cardiovascular malformation. PLoS One. 2009;4(3):e4978.

Steven Greenway Publications  

  1. Greenway SC, Bradley TJ, Caldarone CA, Silverman NH, Hanley FL, Smallhorn JF. Aortopulmonary window with anomalous origin of the right coronary artery from the pulmonary artery: two cases highlighting the importance of complete pre-operative echocardiographic evaluation of the coronary arteries in all conotruncal anomalies. Eur. J. Echocardiogr 2006;7(5):379-82.
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Peter Gruber Publications

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Gordon Keller Publications

  1. Kattman SJ, Huber TL and Keller G. Multipotent flk-1+ cardiovascular progenitor cells give rise to the cardiomyocyte, endothelial, and vascular smooth muscle lineages. Dev Cell. 2006; 11: 723-732
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Antoon Moorman Publications

  1. Soufan AT, van den Hoff MJB, Ruijter JM, de Boer PAJ, Hagoort J, Webb S, Anderson RH, Moorman AFM. Reconstruction of the patterns of gene expression in the developing mouse heart reveals an architectural arrangement that facilitates the understanding of atrial malformations and arrhythmias. Circ Res 2004;95:1207-15.
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Barbara Mulder Publications

  1. Duffels MGJ, Engelfriet PM, Berger RMF, van Loon RLE, Hoendermis E, Vriend JWJ, van der Velde ET, Bresser P, Mulder BJM. Pulmonary arterial hypertension in congenital heart disease: an epidemiologic perspective from a Dutch registry. International Journal of CardiologyU 2007; 120(2): 198-204.
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Andrew Paterson Publications

  1. James PD, Paterson AD, plus co-investigators and the Association of Hemophilia Clinic Directors of Canada. Genetic Linkage and Association Analysis in Type 1 von Willebrand Disease: Results from the Canadian Type 1 VWD Study. Journal of Thrombosis and Hemostasis 2006; 4: 783-92.
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Alex Postma Publications

  1. Bezzina C, Veldkamp MW, van Den Berg MP, Postma AV, Rook MB, Viersma JW, van Langen IM, Tan-Sindhunata G, Bink-Boelkens MT, van Der Hout AH, Mannens MM, Wilde AA. A single Na(+) channel mutation causing both long-QT and Brugada syndromes. Circ Res 1999;85(12):1206-13.
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Stephen W. Scherer Publications

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Michael Tyers Publications

  1. Costanzo M, Nishikawa J, Tang J, Millman J, Schub O, Breitkreuz K, Dewar D, Rupes I, Andrews B and Tyers M. CDK activity antagonizes Whi5, an inhibitor of G1/S transcription in yeast. Cell 2004;117, 899-913
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Aeilko Zwinderman Publications

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