Mike Tyers, PhD
Professor of Systems Biology
School of Biological Sciences
Phone: +44 031 650 7027

Tyers obtained his PhD at McMaster University in Canada, and is now a Professor of Systems Biology at the University of Edinburgh.  He is the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance Research Chair and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Research Scholar 2007-2012.  Tyers has extensive experience in large-scale collaborative research projects, which include:  1. Systematic curation of protein and genetic interactions from the biomedical literature. These data are housed in the BioGRID open access database ( and compiled by an international team lead by Tyers, with partner groups in Princeton, Stanford, British Columbia, Toronto and Edinburgh. The BioGRID maintains a close working relationship with all model organism databases including SGD, GeneBase, Wormbase, Flybase, as well as with the GO consortium. 2. Systematic genetic and chemical genetic analysis. These genome-scale efforts are carried out in conjunction with the Boone, Andrews, Nislow, Giaver, Roy and Dirks groups (Toronto), the Wright and Brown groups (Hamilton), and the Patton and Auer groups (Edinburgh) and the Cutler group (UC Santa Cruz). In particular, Tyers has a long term interest in the chemical genetics of stem cells with the Dirks group in Toronto. Tyers was also one of the founders of the Canadian Chemical Biology Network (CCBN). 3. Mass spectrometric analysis of protein interactions. Tyers has spearheaded various projects to map protein interactions in international efforts with nodes in Toronto, Denmark, Michigan, and Edinburgh. 4. Drug discovery in the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS). In this technology transfer program funded by ITI Life Sciences, Scotland. Tyers coordinates eight group across four institutions in Scotland and Canada, along with one commercial partner. Small molecule screens and in silico drug docking approaches are directed against selected targets in the UPS. 5. Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (SULSA). As Director of SULSA, he oversees 27M GBP of investment in research staff, infrastructure and training across six major universities in Scotland (; SULSA is built upon many inter-institutional collaborations, shared research platforms and joint training programs.

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