Antoon Moorman, MD, PhD
Professor of Anatomy and Embryology
Academic Medical Center
Phone: 31 20 566 4928

Antoon Moorman is the Professor and Head of the Department of Anatomy and Embryology at the Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam. He also holds the position of Director of the Netherlands Heart Foundation Molecular Cardiology Program of Heart Failure. Moorman is an active participating Scientific Board Member of the Netherlands Heart Foundation, Cardiovascular research, and member of the Research Council Academic Medical Centre. Moorman attained his MSc in 1973 from the University of Amsterdam in Biology and his PhD in 1978 in Molecular Biology from the same institution. Over the past decade his research has focussed on a multidisciplinary approach to cardiac development, encompassing all aspects of morphological and molecular study. Moorman’s ballooning heart model describing heart development from a simple embryonic tube to a fully septated four chambered adult heart at both the physical and molecular levels has gained worldwide acceptance and presently fuels many areas of cardiac research. Current research of Antoon Moorman is focussed on the three-dimensional reconstruction of the patterns of expression of key cardiac genes to understand the complex cardiac morphogenesis and the development of cardiac malformations. Current research support includes funding from the European framework programmes FP6 and 7, HeartRepair and CHeartED. Moorman has authored more than 300 publications in peer-reviewed journals and over 60 book chapters in the area of cardiovascular development.

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